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All Inn Brewing Co.

All Inn Brewing Co. Case Study Brewery Refrigeration System
All Inn Brewing Co. Case Study
Brewery Refrigeration System



All Inn Brewing Co. has taken its processes to a new level of efficiency and performance with the installation of the Aceer inverter process chiller. Specifically designed for the brewing and wine making industry, the Aceer chiller not only provides accurate glycol cooling water for critical temperature control, but it also reduces the energy consumption of the plant. The easy-to-operate PLC controls integrated into the chiller allow for remote monitoring and control via any iOS or Android device that has a secure internet connection. The controls can be expanded to run an entire process plant or integrate to an existing control management system in any communication language.

The Aceer chiller is also ‘cold room’ ready, allowing customers to capitalize on the efficiency of the glycol system by using it to refrigerate cold storage onsite. Available in capacities from 28kw through to 150kw modules that can be banked to match any required capacity.

The Aceer chiller has improved our production, increased the quality of our product and improved brewery efficiency.Harley, Head Brewer – All Inn Brewing Co.


All Inn Brewing Co.’s previous conventional solution was costing $7.09/hour during the cooling cycle. The Aceer Process Chiller is currently running at just $1.73/hour including pumps and cold room. That is a cost reduction of 409%. The incorporation of the cool room into the Aceer chiller system further increases the efficiency of the plant and lowers equipment cost. This equates to an ROI (return of investment) in 28 months.


Currently, All Inn Brewery Co.’s Aceer Process Chiller is operating a system COP (co-efficient of performance) of 8 including pumps; that means that for every 1kW
of energy used we’re getting 8kW of refrigeration out. Most other solutions currently available in the market operate a COP of 3-4 exclusive of pumps and ancillary equipment.


Through inverter technology and PLC algorithmic calculations the cooling system can determine the exact capacity required to carry out the cooling process. Through high level communication and EC technology, the IE4 rated pumps are controlled to the precise output required according to the load. By modulating water flow and calculating the actual required capacity Aceer unlock huge savings, eliminating wasted energy.

Aceer Process ChillerEfficient Process Chiller


In addition to the Aceer Process Chiller, we offer a range of products and services that can help your brewery run as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. If you are not ready to invest in a completely new system, we can assist you in maximising the efficiency of your existing chiller with our repairs and servicing. Get in touch with the team at Aceer to find out how we can help you cut your power costs while running a more controlled system.

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