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Energy Management System



The rising cost of power and service contracts has put strain a on the hip pocket of many building owners and building management budgets. At ACEER, we are on a mission to change this by providing smarter solutions to the energy crisis.

The ACEER EMC (Energy Management Controller) is a complete HVAC and process plant management system. It is suitable for new installations and existing plant retrofits.

By algorithmic calculation the controller learns the characteristics of the plant and delivers the required amount of cooling capacity to the field equipment. By calculating the required capacity of the field, the controller can ensure that only the required output is given to the consumer field equipment, drastically lowering energy consumption of the plant.

The controller communicates to any device via high-level and low-level communication in any language i.e. Modbus, ProfiNet, ProfiBus, BACnet and more. The EMC can also communicate to any existing BMCS control system where required. The central controller is accessible via the onboard touch panel or any mobile device with a connection to the internet through a secure gateway anywhere in the world.

The ACEER EMC is robust, easy to operate and offers a very generous ROI (Return on Investment).

Recent case studies have shown reductions of up to 60% in energy consumption following the installation of the EMC controller and removal of the BMCS control system in chiller plant installations.

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Energy Management Controller