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HVAC Chillers




ACEER have developed a high efficiency variable speed scroll chiller with immigrated EC water pump to fill the gap on market of the chilled water HVAC system application under 300Kw. The chiller is a direct replacement of the VRV and VRF system application in residential, commercial and hotel application. By use of chilled water, we can eliminate the need for expensive copper pipe work and eliminate the risk of refrigerant being dispersed throughout occupied spaces. Currently the market is relying heavily on the VRV and VRF systems to achieve a scale of HAVC requirements not current offered to the market.

ACEER’s approach to the requirement of the market is to provide highly efficient capital equipment with easy to install, readily available and lower cost infrastructure products.
This includes low environmental impact recyclable poly propylene pipe in replacement for copper or steel to distribute cooling and heating water. Multiple applications are available in the HVAC market for ACEER, the chiller can be configured as a conventional Heat pump system, Cooling Only system, or dual Heat Pump and Cooling Only system allowing for cooling and heating at the same time.

The ACEER range of chillers is complemented by integrated horizontal and vertical FCU’s to distribute the conditioned air. The ACEER FCU’s are available in integrated models to complete a system with the chiller or as a standalone/retrofit to existing chilled water application. The vertical FCU’s major advantage is cupboard style application in residential, commercial and hotel applications. Removal of mechanical services from the ceiling space of developments without comprising noise and comfort allows for larger developments on the same height approval. The horizontal FCU and Vertical FCU can be utilized in the integrated ACEER system or in existing system not requiring the ACEER valves and control to allow for complete adaptability to any chilled water installation.

The ACEER Chillers are also a unique fit to the process cooling market with flexible application from HVAC to process cooling by simple calculation. No major adjustments are required to the chiller for use in process cooling. By lowering evaporation temperatures to achieve lower supply water temperatures the heat exchanger has dynamic capabilities allowing ACEER to fulfil the requirements of the customer.